Nov 19, 2015
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We have just ordered our new Motorhome and it will be fitting out soon. When I spoke to the salesman about tv he said pick the aerial you want and they will fit it. Having read a few reviews I get the impression that its a bit of a lottery if you get a signal or not. We dont watch a great deal of TV and I wonder if its worth putting a hole in the van for a permanent fitting, or go for a stick on job on the window or just outside,
I suppose I should ask the same question about WiFi signal boosters

Thanks in anticipation Dave C


Jul 28, 2011
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Both our vans (both bought second hand) came with aerials already fitted.

There was a Status omni-directional aerial on our first van but it was a bit hit & miss. We bought an Image directional aerial which we mounted on an external pole and that was a bit better because it could be turned to face the transmitter. Both really needed the (extra cost) amplifier box in many locations.

Our current van has a Status directional aerial (with amplifier box) fitted and that works OK. However, we only watched TV for about half an hour on our first two trips in it (February 2012) and no longer even take a TV as we watch so little. iPlayer &c and series record functions enable us to catch up on the few (if any) programmes of interest that we miss when away.

Internet connection is a bit different. Our domestic broadband is Virgin Media so we are not members of BT Fon, which reduces the number of hotspots available if, indeed, there are any available anyway. Instead we opted for MiFi as described by my notes Here and are very happy with that. At a THS at Brailes recently the mobile coverage generally was pretty bad but we still obtained good data signals on the Three network using the MiFi and booster aerial.


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