Which new caravan should we buy?

Aug 11, 2005
We have been looking at the Bailey Discovery 200 and 400 we like both but were wondering if our 1.8 Vauxhall Zafira will struggle towing?

Also does anyone have any opinions on these two tourers: do you know anyone who has purchased one.

Many Thanks
Jan 19, 2002
Be careful to check the maximum tow weight for the Zafira, this differs with different engines. Once established compare the weight of the van with 85 - 90% of the maximum tow. Don't expect lighting perormance with the caravan in tow, but anyway we find that 55mph is a comfortable speed and compromises between getting there and mpg. We do not own a Zafira but have towed with a variety of petol and diesel engines, naturally the more power the more relaxed towing (less gear changing , easier running uphill and pulling away from rest). I'm sure Zafira owners will provide you with reassuring detail!


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