Yet another change in direction!!!

Nov 11, 2009
In 2014 because we were not using it enough we sold a very nice outfit (car and van) right down to the last awning peg. In Autumn 2016 we realised that we missed caravanning and with hearts rather than heads bought a nice Trigano 420D pop top; imagining ourselves cruising down the autoroutes and with its low height not paying the extra tolls. Well a very wet long weekend in Wales demolished those dreams, as it was so cramped that you needed to book a time slot to move around in it. The awning didn't make life much better either. So after 5 months we sold the Trigano and bought the current Sprite. We had a small number of short breaks in 2017, one in Shropshire where it was so foggy for the duration that I though I would require an instrument rating for my licence. Anyway after weathering the 2018 New Year storms in Cornwall we made our bookings to visit Luxembourg, Germany and France in summer 2018. That did not happen as my 96 year old father took ill and I was spending lots of time visiting him in Leicester until July 2019, and we were also moving home in spring 2019 too. But we had booking for Suffolk in September that year, but because of other family heath issues and commitments that too was canceled at short notice.

So we thought that given the demands on our time from generations above and below we would book a seasonal pitch in the Forest of Dean for April-October 2020, and just go abroad without the caravan. As events transpired we had to cancel the seasonal pitch even before Covid 19 arrived, and early this year I brought the caravan home for a good clean and polish and to check it out before advertising it for sale. We had couple of folks express interest but given the lockdown restrictions sale viewings are not a realistic option. But as lockdown progressed we realised that caravanning or camping were possibly the most realistic options for a holiday in 2020. My wife, daughter and granddaughter are booked for a holiday in western Scotland focusing on trains and boats, but increasingly that doesn't look a possibilty. So all thing considered it's obvious that we all need a holiday of some form or another so the caravan was taken off sale. I have now booked a four night "shakedown" in the Forest of Dean in late July and seven nights in the Peak District late August. Hopefully by then even with some form of Social Distancing sites will be open. I warned my 15 year old granddaughter that we may decide to use the caravan shower and she replied " I can do grunge anyway its part of DoE"

So here we are some six years on from giving up caravanning and still plodding away at the hobby, and actually really looking forward to taking the XT and Sprite on their maiden (loaded) voyage. (y)

The picture shows the pop top when it wasn't raining in Brecon.

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May 7, 2012
Life is an adventure and you have had your fair share of ups and downs of late. We had looked at looked at the Eriba but thought it too small so went almost to the other end with a large Quasar.
Caravans do look the best bet for getting away this year, so hanging on to yours looks the right way to go.
Nov 16, 2015
I feel for you OC, we have had an up and down couple of years with hospital and dental appointments, all these thoughts of " so much free time" in our retirement just doen't seem to have happened, good luck for your next few trips out.
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Jan 3, 2012
Like Mel says i am you pleased you are staying Clive
My life a lot of health issues seen so many hospitals ......(I am a Fighter)
all of my teeth had to be pulled out because bleeding on my gums not good ..
Just started back into caravanning first time with a motor mover wish i had one years ago .
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