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  1. Gixergupster

    Awnings, advice please….

    Hi guys, I’m picking up my first caravan this weekend (Bailey Unicorn Valencia 2015)… was going to by a full CampTech awning but I think I’d rather have the front side windows free (more light and sight) Q:- Can you buy a 3/4 size awning? I know the full size awning needed for this particular...
  2. D

    Adria Altea and recommended porch air awning

    Hi I have just been refunded for my Outwell Tide Air Caravan Awning and have to select a replacement as Outwell are now discontinued. I wondered what would be recommended as when I look all of the awnings are for recommended heights of 235 to 250 cm and the Adria height is 258 cm. Will these...
  3. J

    Compass Rallye 1992 awning rail damage

    Hi all, new here and after some advice, I'm new to caravanning which is why when driving off my drive with my old caravan i managed to scrape and damage the back awning rail! So I've tidied it up but require a replacement piece of awning rail 1m in length, I'm going to try and bend it myself to...
  4. M

    Bradcot Aspire 990 Caravan Awning (used) £400

    Bradcot Aspire 990 Caravan Awning (used) Being sold as we bought a newer model but great for someone starting out in caravanning or looking to double the surface area of their pitch. The front and side panels of the awning can be removed to create a canopy awning, giving you a true feel of the...
  5. S

    Max awning size for caravan

    We're looking at getting a new air awning for our Sterling Eccles Sport 442 (2012 model). I'm still a bit of a novice caravaner so need a bit of advice. We previously had a fibre glass frame awning which was the full length of the van and filled up the awning rail from one side to the other...
  6. S

    How to clean/ take care of your caravan awning ?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to clean your awning? I also noticed some mould on mine, how could I clean this off without damaging the awning, but also what can I do to stop more mould from growing? Another thing I've found is that I tend to get a lot of condensation building up in my...
  7. B

    Lower Caravan Awning Rail

    Hi, Wondered whether anyone could help. I have a slight issue with my lower awing rail. Not a big issue just looks a bit untidy. Is there a way to replace the rail and the clip at the end? I'm not sure where I can purchase both from (rail and clip) and whether the middle section is...
  8. S

    Identifying my awning

    Hi. Iv bought a second hand dorema awning. Im trying to figure out what kind it is so I can buy an annexe for it. The awning is different than any iv had before. The right hand side is part of the main bit and the left hand side threads on via the rail. Does anyone Recognise this.