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Oct 27, 2011
Good morning peeps, here is a question for ya, have been using a 13 pin to 7 pin, which is always a pain in the neck, when I returned from my recent caravan service, the technician fitted the plug for me, when we go home I could only get the 13 pin section off, mycquestoon can this stay attached to the car towbar electrics and fit thex13pin section as you would normally do? Confused yet I doubt very much as you all are very knowledgable


Mar 14, 2005
Confused yet I doubt very much as you all are very knowledgable

You are right.I am totally confused by your posting.
A photo would help a lot.

By far the best solution is to have both car and van with the 13 pin plug and socket with no adaptor in between.
Jan 19, 2002
Not sure I understand the question either, but the 7 pin black and grey plugs from the van were a simple 'lift the flap and align the notch and push in' to the socket(s) on the car. The 13 pin has the collar, so you put plug to the socket and then twist the collar 90 degrees clockwise to engage. Worth also buying the 'little green tool' to connect onto your 13 pin plug on the van to ensure the collar is aligned while in storage. As above the 13 pin resolves a lot of issues we all had historically with the two 7 pin arrangement, and having 13 pin socket on the car and plug on the caravan resolves issues you have been having with the extension lead.


Also confused about your question my 13pin socket comes down from it hidden spot in the bumper . The flap lifts up and you push the socket in gently in also I was told to hold the round bit at the side so it will not move as in the photo my wife is holding .
We also brought the green tool as mention above what it does


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