British F1 Grand Prix


Jul 3, 2007
Would welcome advice on the best site to book for the Grand Prix at Silverstone. Probably next year now, although I notice that there are spaces available for this year at some campsites.
Hamilton Fields looks very good on the website, and as I will be taking my son I would prefer a lively site. Not at all worried about noise, when we're tired we'll get to sleep!!
As we've never been before we have no idea of the distances from the campsites to the track.
I have a 4x4 and a single axle tourer.

Nov 3, 2009
Have you looked at Silverstone Woodlands (look via the Silvertone Circuit website)? It is right next to the circuit. I think Hamilton Fields is an easy 30 min amble through Silverstone village to the circuit - just follow the crowd!

All of the sites near the circuit are very lively over the F1 weekend! Most have a bar, BBQ, shop, and evening entertainment (live music or motorsport on big screens, fireworks etc). There is a great atmosphere and I'm sure if you and your son are in to your motor sport you'll have a great time!

I'm giving it a miss this year but hopefully will be back again next year.
Jul 5, 2009
We're stopping a little further away for the Grand Prix this year, at Cosgrove Park. On a normal day, it looks to be about 20 -25 mins drive from the circuit.

We're stopping here, as they have reasonable prices for EHU's, and we would prefer somewhere a bit away from the evening action. Rest assure3d I am not expecting the journey on Sunday to take 20 - 25 mins, hence why we will be at the circuit at some rediculous time of the morning. We're parking at Dadford Road - £15 for the whole weekend, cant complain about that

Jul 1, 2009
i live in area try greenhill farm or diamond farm they are near we go to cosgrove a lot as its local it is good ,some sites in silverstone (make shift ) but they are a free for all. billing aqua drome is a big site but a few miles is grid locked around here so what site you go to will need some time to get there.


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