Covid Scam

Mar 17, 2020
My mother in law received a text some weeks ago telling her that she had been in contact with someone who had covid.
The text had a link to:
The text came from: +44 7542 382285

This morning I have received the same text.

Mother in law is 87 and clicked the link. The link asks you to enter Bank Details to be sent a test kit. Fortunately my wife was able to sort things out by cancelling her mother's card and this time, nothing lost.

I apologise if this scam has already been reported. I'm sure if so it will be removed.

Take care everyone.
Nov 11, 2009
Yes I have received one and realised it was false as the Covid app to notify you if you have been near any infected person doesn't work these days. And I turned mine off a long while ago anyway.


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