Problems with new caravan

Apr 30, 2011
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I have had several problems since purchasing new caravan. Keep tak8ng it back and yes it gets corrected but how many chances should I give.
The toilet was fitted too close to wall so lid wouldn't stay up to use it.
The swivel on toilet caught on wooden trim making big scratch in bowl.
The filling in seats was insufficient and cushions returned for new foams. Still not right.
The clamp on jockey wheel doesn't hold and has slipped more than once and has now snapped the lever inside clamp. It had to be drilled out.
The dividing door between bedroom and sitting area has been altered once and still problem only have to touch it and comes open.
The sink went rusty before even using.
The covering on cupboard doors was bubbled.
Boarding in toilet had not been finished in corners rough edges.
Microwave door fell to bits.
Fride control panel loose connection kept switching itself off.
Sky light over beds in back leaking in around 4 places.
Caravan now a year old hardly used as forever taking it back
What are my consumer rights.
Sep 29, 2016
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Hi kaz1,

No doubt the Prof and others will be along to give you sound advice.

The CRA is a starting point
Oct 12, 2013
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Sorry to hear of the problems that you have but you're not the only one we've all had a few bits going on with ours to , what kind of caravan have you got ?
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Kaz

I'm sorry to read of your difficulties with your caravan.

You do have some of the most powerful Consumer Rights available to you. and based on your description I think you may have a good case. I am not a legal expert, so what follows is just general advice, you may need to seek some professional advice.

I must emphasize a couple of points to you, The first is your consumer rights are based on your contract to buy the caravan so its between you and your seller - not the manufacturer.

But your seller is the business you pay your money to, so if you used finance or a credit card then both the dealer and the finance house are co parties to the contract and you can bring action against both. (Consumer Credit Act section 75) This could be particularly useful.

Anseo has pointed to the actual government document, which is of course the detailed legal act, but its not particularly digestible form unless you are into reading such things.

You might find the Consumer Associations (publishers of Which?) or the money saving experts descriptions more useful. here are the web addresses for their pages.
If you do intend to use this, I advise you to get all your records of contact with the dealer in order, and from here on in keep accurate records of who, when and what was said.

I hope this information is of use to you, and we would like to know how it all goes.
May 7, 2012
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Essentially I agree with the Prof, if you are a member of either of the big clubs then you can use their legal helpline for free to get advice. You may also be able to get this with your house contents insurance or any union membership.
If you have paid any part of the price on a credit card (not a debit card) or used HP rather than a bank loan you have additional rights against the finance company which you will find explained on the Citizens Advice website.
Some of the problems seem to be down to the suppliers to the maker rather than the caravan maker but as the prof says your strongest rights are against the dealer plus any finance company although the guarantees are still a valid additional right.
Jan 31, 2018
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What is your dealer doing? Your caravan pdi should have picked up most of these faults and things like the fridge and microwave ie from external suppliers seem just inexcusable( and very bad luck). All of these faults surely easy fixes by the dealer and should have been dealt with instantly-in the past we had a brand new Bailey and the tap dechromed and the thetford toilet cassette leaked; we were sent new ones in the post within the week. Items like cupboard doors bubbling are instant fixes-time to start making a big fuss I think!