Jun 16, 2020
6 weeks ago we were given a gift voucher for an unnamed food delivery company. Long story but the company swallowed up the gift card and it’s not accessible. I have tried complaining via online chats which are rarely available and when you get one it’s is turned off part way through. The phone number refers you to the online help and hangs up, emails make promises then stop.

Very frustrating. I had enough. Then I remembered Resolver.

I used them once before a few years ago. With great success. So I raised a case today. The company have already communicated twice. Still a way to go but this topic is about making others aware of Resolver.

Its a free service, easy to use and a very logical and sensible interface which provides targeted help. They are to be highly recommended.

I have no connection to resolver other than. As a user.

Please explore, it may be useful in the future.

Nov 16, 2015
I have used them as well, when I booked a "Hotel room" in Heburn, they helped us to get money back, a very helpfull website, for all sorts of problems.
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