Thumbs up for truma uk

Apr 11, 2005
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Id like to praise truma on the help and service they've given me over the last couple of days!my heater is not working on the electric,phoned dealer who said"ooh you'll have to bring it in" in the summer season with our hols lined up?no way !!phoned truma, sent them our parts we thought faulty,they tested them for free,have got it down to the element or the sensor which they are also going to test for free,they have phoned and emailed and nothing has been too much trouble!All this in the space of four days,so credit where its due,excellent service!


Mar 14, 2005
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I would also like to praise Truma for their assistance. Having bought a new van and finding the electric water heater not working, and having problems finding a local Truma agent to fix it (under guarantee), I phoned Truma and explained the problem. Next day, in the post came a new element AND they had fitted the correct plug for my van, and a full set of instructions on how to do the job myself, all free of charge. Brilliant customer service.

Why didnt the electric heater work? the person who installed it originally had fired a staple through the mains cable!!!!


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