Trading up to a bigger MH

Apr 24, 2012
Hi folks
I currently own a Swift Suntor 4 Berth (2005) MH - love it. However, my two girls and my hubby are much taller than me and we are looking to trade-up for a 6 berth van. We won't be able to do it until next year - coinciding with our 40th Birthdays!

We went to the MH show in Glasgow and checked out the models in our price range - Elddis 180, Swift Escape 686 and Tribute T-720. All have the layout we like and we thought we would look for a 2011/12 model. However, I've been doing some research online and Swift and Elddis are gettting a pasting about water ingress and soggy floors! The reviews are terrible and now I don't know what we should be aiming for.

Should I get bogged down in these reviews?? And does anyone have any opinions on Swift and Elddis? The only others I think we could stretch to would be a used Bailey or Rollerteam.
Aug 30, 2013
Hi Weegmack,
In our Feb 2013 issue we reviewed a new European budget six-berth: Auto-Roller 746.
Might be worth a look at a few CI Roller-Team motorhomes as part of your research...


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