Mar 14, 2005
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Camilla was making last minute plans for her wedding to HRH Prince Charles when she noticed that her shoes were missing. As a last resort she borrowed a pair which were a little tight but had to suffice.

On completion of the day's festivities they retired to bed at Buck House in a bedroom adjacent to the Queen and Prince Phillip. After entering the room Camilla laid on the bed and asked her husband to give her a hand to take the shoes off as they were killing her. To this the Prince dutily acted but the shoes were difficult to remove.

"HArder, Harder" Camilla shouted to which the Prince replied" I'm trying darling but it is so bloody tight" This was met with a response in a loud voice from Camilla "Come on please, give it all you got love"

There was a big groan from the Prince to which Camilla replied "That's good, oh that feels SOO good".

In the adjoining bedroom the Queen turned to the Duke and said "See I told you so, with a face like that she was bound to be still a virgin".

In the meantime the Prince was now trying to remove the second shoe and said "Oh my darling, this one is even tighter".

On hearing this the Duke said to the Queen "That's my boy. Once a NAvy man always a Navy man".

There goes my chance of receiving a gong.


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