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Nov 5, 2005
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Has anyone looked into buying used caravans in France or else were? If so how do the prices and quality compare to prices and quality here?

Is there any websites that put you in touch with some one abroad to buy from?



I would suggest try trawling the internet for caravan dealers in Holland and Belgium first, as they usually have their sites in English as well as Dutch/French.They will also speak fluent English if you wish to telephone.

As for prices, they usually sell vans for the same number of Euros as we would pay in pounds, although the models will be different, so a lot cheaper. The door will be on the offside (which is no problem really, a lot of fuss is made here over this, but it is really irrelevant). They will also have European plug electrics (which is not a problem if you buy an adaptor). All vans in the EU have to meet European safety standards. They will also come without ovens ( a blessing in my humble opinion) and be geared towards a more outdoor living style than some of the vans you get in the UK. As for quality, the manufacturers in Europe supply vans either of budget, or top quality ratings depending on the price range. The choice is yours. You may have difficulties with insurance but I am sure a good broker will help you.

I personally am on my 2nd European van, but in each case I did buy from the UK dealer. I paid a bit more but accepted that.

One advantage of the European van is that usually they make many more units for various countries than here in the UK, so spares can be a lot easier to find. Many parts are interchangeable between makes. For instance my Cristall is actually made by Chateau caravans in a deal analagous to the Peugeot/Citroen/Fiat tie up.

Good hunting


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