Convex mirrors abroad

Jun 11, 2005
Hi,I have a set of Milenco mirrors which comprise a flat one (UK offside) anda convex one (UK nearside. The convex one is great for UK use as in most cases it is viewing vehicles that are slower moving so I can pull over to the left, or watching vehicles joining the MWay dwon the slip roads. Howver I am going to France and am a bit woried that the convex mirror may not be so good for watching fast moving traffic ona motorway so that I can judge my opportunity to pull out and overtake slower vehicles. Any views please?
Nov 6, 2005
Many cars are fitted with door mirrors the other way round, ie flat nearside and convex drivers side.

Can you swap the mirror heads for overseas use?

Using convex mirrors takes a little time to get used to, some drivers don't ever like them. Be wary of using a convex mirror in unfamiliar conditions.
Jun 11, 2005
Hi roger,

thanks for the reply. I can swop them around and when I next take the van out in UK I will see how the nearside looks. The car mirror is slightly convex but only on its outer edge, whereas the milenco is convex across the whoel area. When used in UK on the nearrside it makes a truck look as if its about to come onboard.
Mar 14, 2005
The idea of having convex mirrors on the passenger side (I refrain from using the word nearside because it applies regardless of which side of the road you drive on) is to get an acceptable angle of vision out of a mirror which is so far away from the driver's eyes. On the driver's side, there is no real need for a convex mirror because the closeness to the eyes already ensures an adequate angle of vision.

Therefore, never move the convex mirror from the passenger to the driver's side. If you feel the need to have a larger field of view on the driver's side, fit a second convex mirror there too.


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