Got a hole in my awing!


Dec 30, 2004
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My son has just bought a used caravan which included an awing. Regrettably it has a two foot by two foot hole in it. Is it possible to get such things repaired?
Jan 19, 2002
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There certainly are repair companies around the UK who could presumably sew a similar patch over the hole. However it might depend on the cost and condition of the rest of the awning and what caused the hole. A gash in an awning from a slipping pole is much more common that a completely missing piece! Does it indicate that it has been stored within reach of mice, or it's just generally failing? You might find a quick ebay search will bring up other options, currently there are 2 nearly new Turino awnings for under 100.00 which still have the factory fresh creases in, along with a variety of air or poled porch awnings, so might provide a viable alternative to a repair. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!
Mar 14, 2005
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Id guess who ever repairs it will not be able to guarantee a perfect colour match or an invisible mend. But a repair will probably cost a lot less than a replacement awning, so you pay your money and make your choice.

Here's a thought, see if you can come up with a really imaginative semi believable storey to any one who points the repair out to you, make it talking point.


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