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Jun 23, 2019
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Hi, we are taking the 02:40 ferry from Holyhead to Dublin a week on Saturday and planning a couple of nights in Anglesey before hand.
Looking for recommendations for a site on Anglesey with possibility of staying on the site late on the Friday before heading off to Holyhead port. Another option we are pondering on is going to the port and using the Long Stay Car Park for £8 a day and spend the Friday in Holyhead. Has anyone used this car park before and can we return to the van and chill out in it until the boarding time in the early hours? Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome.
Dec 6, 2013
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If you're planning to stay "a couple of nights" on Anglesey before boarding the ferry, my advice would be to book an extra night and leave for the ferry only when you have to.

I don't know the car park you mention, but many car parks don't admit caravans and/or have height restricted entrances. The risk of having your caravan and all your belongings stolen is obviously heightened and there really isn't enough in Holyhead, as opposed to a short drive away from it to keep you occupied for a full day.

There are lots of sites on Anglesey many of which are used to accommodating ferry travellers. We stayed overnight at one called Tai Hirion a couple of years ago, which was very pleasant ant the owners accommodating.


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