M5/M42 stopover

Jun 3, 2011
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Just need to pick someone’s brain.

Currently in Devon, want to leave here 7pm ish and either stop over from 10pm in service station or camp site. Could do with advice for strensham services M5, or any camp sites along these motorways that would allow me arrive 10pm, just park (not unhook) stock steadys down, sleep and drive off about 7am???

Nov 11, 2009
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The new Gloucester services are very good. Just before Strensham going north. Same owners as Tebay in Cumbria. Strensham has good caravan motirhome area too but will charge as I suspect will all services.
Feb 23, 2018
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Timely post... Just got back from Devon myself... AVOID Sedgemoor North (Welcome Break) at all costs... the caravan area is also an overflow carpark. It was utter carnage there this afternoon as the main carpark was full. There are no designated caravan spaces despite caravans being signposted from the slip. Myself and another caravaner were almost blocked in by cars parked in the centre (not round the perimeter in car spaces) and a poorly parked van towing a small sail boat & another caravaner that had parked in single car spaces!! Having managed to get out with much manoeuvring and spotting by my wife, another caravan pulling in made exiting even more difficult. Many caravanners gave up and left. I will be complaining to Welcome Break as it was extremely stressful... not what MSAs are there for!

Sedgemoor south is operated by Roadchef. It's caravn area has just been upgraded. Sadly the new HGV area wasn't ready when I visted so parking was also difficult.


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