Nissan X-trail

Mar 14, 2005
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Hi. I am interested in buying a X-trail having seen all the glowing reports. However those of you who have read last months Caravan Clubs (CC) write up of the X-trail in the 4x4 trials at their test circuit may have been mislead. Firstly the CC got a heavier X-trail than standard. The CC and Nissan UK cannot explain yet why it was approx 81Kgs heavier than the quoted kerb weight and secondly the CC calculated the 85% weight for the caravan incorrectly. The weight of the caravan pulled was ballasted to 1517Kgs and should have been to 1487Kgs. All this the CC readily admitted to me. So be warned if you are also thinking about purchasing a X-trail!

My question is, what is the max weights caravaners are towing out there with their X-trails and what models are they?


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