Quoting from Previous Posts.


Mar 14, 2005
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There seems to be an increase in people quoting either all or parts of previous postings.
In a lot of cases this appears to be for no real reason and in those cases just the previous post has been quoted with no further input.

If there is a part of a previous post that you want to highlight for some reason all you have to do is use the left mouse button and highlight the part so that it changes colour to Yellow, then a pop up will appear with quote/reply options.

Use Reply and that part that you want to quote will be copied to the reply box.

Post what you have to say afterwards, beneath the quote.

I have no idea what happens when one presses Quote....I only see that it has been added to some list somewhere, but it certainly does not appear in the main reply box.

Please do not quote other replies just for the sake of it, it should be fairly obvious what a reply is referring to.


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