Television in France

Mar 14, 2005
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We are going on our first trip to France ( Quimper Brittany ) and are wondering if in this part you can still get UK TV ( no Sky Freeview kit etc ) We are not too fussed about taking a TV but might if reception is possible.

Thanks Pip
Jun 7, 2005
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Dont think you will get any reception, I couldn't when I went a couple of years ago (going back 31st July for 2 weeks)near to Loctudy.
Jul 15, 2005
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We've just returned from Brittany and the Loire, and whilst we didn't take a TV, some other UK people did and they all used sat. dishes.

Wouldn't expect terrestrial TV - which is line of sight - to make it across the channel and then over the hills in the middle of Brittany.

If you have MW or LW on the car radio you can just about hear the BBC on MW on the North Brittany coast, LW is just OK on the South coast. Otherwise, if you wan tth enews from home, take a World band radio.

If you are going to Quimper - let me guess L'Orangerie de Lanniron? - try to get a pitch away from the first site road up the site. They are working on the Northern toilet block and that site road was dusty and smelly with construction traffic.

Quimper - covered market is stunning - try and find "Coeur de Boeuf" tomatoes on the stalls.

If you are going to another site as well but haven't booked - try to get it at "Les Capucines"

Unfortunately it's been reviewed a couple of times in the Caravan Club magazine and everyone wants to go there now - but the terraced pitches on a horse show shaped valley means everyone has a great view.