Using an onboard water tank

Apr 30, 2017
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Hi everyone
We’re currently sited on a pitch where the nearest water point is up a steep hill and want to use my onboard tank as my aqua roll ran out as I was soapy and showering the other day :( :lol: so I wanted to be able to switch without having to trundle up the hill soaking wet to refill the aqua roll so I could wash suds off :lol: I worked out how to fill my tank but want to know how to switch it over to use it and also does it fill my hot water tank as it goes so I don’t blow my hot water tank because it’s heating up dry....does this all make sense lol :unsure:
We have a 2017 Compass Camino 550 Caravan if that helps (sister van of the Elddis)
I have a panel on the wall where I switch the water pump on and an led illuminates. There is a rocker switch next to it that has a picture of a tap above it with RUN written alongside it with the LED underneath. The rocker switch has three positions, INT at top of rocker switch, 0 in the middle and EXT at the bottom. I pressed the EXT to fill the tank from the aqua roll.
Q1: Do I just press the rocker switch to INT to use the onboard tank when the aqua roll runs out?
Q2: Also will that automatically take the water through the hot water boiler?
I don’t want to blow the water heater because it’s heating :unsure:
Any advice would be great, thank you.
Jun 11, 2012
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Hi Jan Bn. The only help I can give you here is to say on our van which the water system is different to yours But at the same token I guess the water heater will fill first then fills your onboard tank. You will need more help than I can give and Im sure some Techie will come along shortly and give you better info.
Sir Roger .
Jan 25, 2012
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The reply to both your questions is "yes".
You have Alde heating in your van and you can run the heater with the water system drained down (for winter use) and cause no damage to the boiler.
I have a Buccaneer Corsair with on board tank. I use the 'ext' to fill the tank and 'int' to run the taps.
That's all you can do!


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