Which awning size

Mar 31, 2019
The data that i can find for a Lunar Zenith 6 states the awning size as 1000cm. However most awnings seem to be 975-1000 or 1000-1025. Which one should i buy?
Jan 14, 2019
Ours is the same on lunar we are going for 1000 to 1025
Don't want to get and find out to small
Though trying to talk husband into getting air awning
With no hassle at putting up
May 24, 2014
Every awning manufacturer seems to make a slightly different size, and you should allow for a tolerance either way. For example, if your A length/size is 975 (see handbook), aim for something that allows for 950-985 and so on.

If you go to the Isabella website, they have a calculator on there for their own sizes, which would give you a clue.


For a 1000cm, try looking for 975-1025 or somewhere inbetween that.

If you try for an exact size at the lower end, you may find the awning is a little tight when pegged, conversely, at the upper end, it would be too baggy when pegged.
Apr 20, 2009
You can go for either, but the larger one will give you more to play with on un-even pitches if they are not level.
However thats a big awning to put up every time you go away especially for a weekend, have you considered an porch awning which can be up to 4.0m long?

Tina has the liking for an air awning, search on here for topic's regarding air awning's!!
May 24, 2014
To add to Kevs thoughts, you can get air awnings almost the size of a full awning, but seat in the rail more like a porch awning. Air awnings are marmite, love em or hate em. In my personal experience, I have tried them twice. The frst one I simply didnt like, the second one failed rather spectacularly.

see https://www.practicalcaravan.com/forum/equipment-accessories/56576-kampa-awning-problem
Jan 14, 2019
We have a small porch awning at moment mainly to use for dog
When we finally get to use our caravan
But I will definitely be getting a air awning
Probably next year as I hate putting awnings up
Stress level up to 100
so the idea of just blowing one up and it up in 15mins sound perfect
First job air con as think this is great idea if like me you have a dog
and a lock & level as they look great for twin axle caravan especially if flat tyre
Really impressed with these
May 7, 2012
It might be worthwhile measuring the awning rail to double check.This is done with a length of string through the rail to the ground at both ends. It should tell you if there is a small variation from the stated figure which seems a bit too rounded off to me.
An alternative would be a near full size porch awning which has the advantage that if you change the caravan it should still fit the new one where a full awning probably will not. To get the size you need to measure the roof length rather than the awning rail.
Nov 11, 2009
Judoka said:
Thank you. You have all been very helpful. Think im gonna go with the large porch awning.
After spending a small fortune on full size awnings when caravans changed we then bought a pre owned Isabella magnum which is a larger porch sometimes referred to as a midi awning. It was great and had all of the benefits of a full awning but less weight and transferable between caravans.


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