Newbie – looking for MH for family of 5 for 4 mont

Aug 30, 2016
Hi all – another newbie looking for advice.

I am being made redundant next year so am planning on making the most of the break to take some time out with my wife and 3 kids (7,5 and 3) and travel Europe for 3-4 months in a MH. I plan to spend up to £60k on a MH and £20k on the trip. I passed my test before 1 Jan 1997 so the weight restrictions should not be an issue. However I do not plan on keeping the MH when I return but selling it. I have done some research but still have several questions which I hope you may be able to help me with.

1) I would like an A class MH with fixed rear bunks. I have come across the Itineo SB740 which looks perfect. I have read the load capacity of 450KG may be difficult to manage with all the kit for a family. Does anyone have anything else good or bad to say about the Itineo?

2) I cannot find any second hand Itineo SB740’s in UK (and only a few in Europe). Am I looking in the wrong place? I may therefore need to buy new but from what I have read I am likely to lose VAT+ 5/10% when I sell after 4 months which would cost me ~ £18k on the £60K purchase price which seems very steep. Given the rarity of the Itineo do you think I will lose this amount in depreciation? (I have found one for rent on French website that would cost ~ £13k so may be cheaper to rent and not take the depreciation risk??)

3) Some posts suggest big savings from buying direct from France/Germany. Given the collapse of the £ to € since brexit are these savings still viable?

4) Are there any other good A class (or coach built) options I should look at?

Thanks for any advice you can give…..
Nov 19, 2010
Hi Alex, welcome!
With a pre-97 licence, you're good for up to 7.5 tonnes, and with 5 of you going for several months I'd look for a van that uses a lot of that. The top three considerations for your sort of trip are Payload, Payload and Payload!
Renting MIGHT be a better solution economically, but it limits your choices to what rental companies have already chosen.
I've very little experience of really long trips - I max out at about 5 weeks - but I DO have experience of motorhoming with children, and they need plenty of space, and kit!
From what I've seen over here (I'm in France at the moment), there's still some price advantage in buying on the continent, but of course the self-harm we indulged in a couple of months ago has reduced that a lot, so it's more about choosing the right van for you and yours, than the marginal price difference between UK and elsewhere.
Hope that helps a bit!
Keep us posted.


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