Jun 13, 2013
I've had my van now for 7 years.

I've had it serviced every year - from where I bought it in Kenilworth to another company on the A5 just outside Daventry.

Fine. Take the van in - leave it overnight (at least) and then go pick it up. Pay your money and someone tells you if there's a glaring fault with your outfit. Luckily for me, I've never had that. However, I've always driven home thinking 'Was that REALLY worth £250? What did they actually DO for that money?'

So this year, I took my van to Dave Butlin Caravan Services in Wigston, just outside Leicester. Never been to him before, it's 15 mins up the road from me and all he does is caravan repairs and servicing.

Took it in at 9 this morning. 'We're closed tomorrow so as yours was the last one booked in, yours will be the last serviced and therefore, you'll have to pick it up on Weds'. No problem with that - but IF you could squeeze it in today, I'd be most appreciative.
Didn't think for a minute that this guy would service FOUR vans in one day.
However, I got a call about four o'clock - 'Can you come down around 5.15 - your van will be ready.'


So I duly turned up and was ushered into the correct place for the van to be hooked up. I was taken inside the unit - very smart and clean - where I was given a VERY thourough run down of everything Dave had looked at, discovered or worked on.
This lasted for TWENTY MINUTES! He picked up every single fault with my van including the fact that 'someone' (me) had replaced the breakaway cable incorrectly....oops!

He went through four or five sheets with gas reports, damp reports, recommendations, failures....

And it cost me £235. That's INCLUDING having my Alko Stabilizer pads replaced.

The reason I'm writing this is - if you live in the Midlands, I would totally, 100% recommend this guy. I will take my van back there next year without doubt. The difference in customer service and the information passed over is incomparable to the bigger dealers who, for six years, have told me nothing about my van.

So - go to Dave Butlin in Wigston for your caravan servicing.

Jun 11, 2012
Abbey 540 I know just what you are saying The Dealer on the A5 wants close to £300 pound for a service .We have a mobile Engineer covering Daventry , Missions Impossible a T/A £175 and does just as your man does .When he finished my service he asked what Id seen that would cost near on £300 I said nothing so yes MObile every time
Sir Roger