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Thank you Mods.

Mar 14, 2005
Having been, very briefly, one of you I would just like to say how much I appreciate you time and effort to keep this forum going forward. I can well understand the impact this has on your 'real' life a commitment I could not accept long-term. So please accept my sincere thanks which i hope I can offer on behalf of many members, and hope you will have a relaxing and enjoyable festive season.
Ray S
Nov 16, 2015
Well said Ray S, These chaps are great, kept me on track many times , Happy Christmas to them and every one else.


Nov 12, 2009
Thanks for your kind thoughts, all :cheer:
It's a pleasure to help out with this forum and website in any way that we can, it has evolved from relatively modest beginnings into a strong online community of friendly helpful and knowledgeable people from diverse backgrounds but with an interest in touring caravans and/ or motorhomes.
Advances in internet technology means that it's now entirely possible to continue to honour real time home commitments in more or less any location via a smart phone keypad, the forum itself is largely self-regulating so there is no real hardship involved in providing the occasional 'cyber nudge' to help to keep things on track.
As a strong online community we have much to look forward to from Future plc who took over ownership of this well known and respected brand a relatively short time ago.
The administrators have outlined their ongoing commitment to developing and expanding our community, there are planned software upgrades in the pipeline that will make this internet platform more user-friendly and in a better position to attract and to retain new members, and for all members to become better equipped to expand their technical knowledge of caravanning and to face the challenges that as road users we are bound to face in the not too distant future.
I'm sure that Damian will join me in extending our thanks and gratitude to the administrators and community development team who offer us unstinting support and cooperation to help with our voluntary but ultimately rewarding task.
Happy Christmas to each of you, admins, editorial staff and forum members past and present, and may you all enjoy a bright, happy and healthy new year.
Feb 6, 2009
Yes, 100% agreement about our excellent mods, and Happy Christmas and as always Happy Caravanning to all.



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